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Diversity Enterprises

Influencing Attitudes and Behaviors While Protecting The Bottom Line

Employee Statistics

Employee loyalty is at a three-year low and most employers
are unaware of this.

Here is the Reality……

36% of employees hope to work somewhere else.

Making matters worse, employees are losing confidence in their employer’s loyalty to them. Only 33% of employees think their company is very loyal to them.

Just as Interesting……

Benefits are closely tied to employee loyalty & job satisfaction.

60% of employees say benefits are an important reason to stay. Employees who are very satisfied with their benefits are more than
three times
as likely to be satisfied with their jobs.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

52% of employees are interested in more voluntary benefit options

17% of employers say voluntary benefits are an important part of their benefit strategy

14% of employers plan to increase voluntary benefits in the next two years.

What can employers do to inspire loyalty and bridge the gap?

Communications are a simple and cost-effective solution.

55% of employees said their benefits materials are
neither clear nor comprehensive.

So what do employees want? 

34% want more frequent benefits communications

39% want communications customized to life events.

How will you improve employee satisfaction at your company?


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 For more information please contact Diversity Enterprises at, Marshall Hennington, Ph.D. at
(646) 375-2098, (310) 205-5510 or (305) 914-3769

Let us show you how we can improve your employees’ morale,
communications and productivity.

Source: MetLife 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends