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Diversity Enterprises

Influencing Attitudes and Behaviors While Protecting The Bottom Line


Leadership Survey:

An in-depth examination of your leadership's awareness of diversity issues in the company and impacts on performance.

Oftentimes, managers and other leadership personnel are not fully aware of the complexities related to addressing culturally sensitive diversity issues, nor do they understand the impact that they have on the performance of their employees.

This tool focuses on items of importance to company leaders and the summary reports provide leaders with a quick way to evaluate the impact managers are having on the organization as it relates to diversity. A quantitative and qualitative analysis is conducted by our consultants

Cultural Diversity Audit:

Using data gathered from thousands of focus groups and interviews, we've developed instruments that provide information for individuals and organizations.

In this service, we gather and analyze key information about your organization's current diversity efforts and where you want to be. We use surveys and report in-depth on the state of your diversity initiative(s).

The service also includes interviews with each of your senior leaders or with those you can identify as executive diversity champions. These interviews provide us with essential information concerning the executives' level of commitment to diversity, the opportunities they see, and the barriers they foresee.

Diversity Enterprises has a standard interview protocol that contains sample invitation letters, scheduling information, and sample questions we may ask. We will use our well-established protocol to assess your organization and learn about any gap between your current situation, as it relates to diversity, and your desired state.

Advanced Cultural Diversity Audit:

With this service, we explore further the attitudes, biases, beliefs, prejudices, racism, discrimination and harassment that may be pervasive within your organization. We assess all efforts by senior management that have been instituted to address such issues.  This advanced service includes further research and analysis of many customizable factors of interest to your specific company.

Because every organization is unique, we use a customized cultural audit process with this service and clarify the intricacies of your organizational culture. Information- gathering steps minimally include an employee survey and focus groups. The data-gathering process will be designed to provide insights into the assumptions and values that drive decisions and actions within your organization. An analysis of quantitative and qualitative details, obtained from the organization’s anecdotal records and files and gathered from the surveys and focus groups, is also provided to expand the understanding of the values and influences of the organization. This process will clarify which groups are included verses excluded and which groups are valued, and respected in the organization and what differences make a difference.  The process will also help you understand your company’s potential vulnerability to legal action on the basis of many customizable factors.

We also offer additional data-gathering steps to complement this service, which include a document review, comparative industry research, a business practices audit, or interviews with selected individuals.

Employee Focus Groups:

Employee focus groups are an excellent complement and follow-up to the survey process. One of our trained consultants conducts a series of one-hour and thirty minute discussions with eight to ten employees who represent a cross-section of the organization.

The consultant, as an objective third-party collector of information, typically asks questions about the organizational environment, what employees do and do not like about their jobs, morale, management, and organizational changes. We will work with your team to develop the focus group questions in advance. In addition, we will assist your team in establishing the criteria for selection of participants, scheduling, invitations, and management of the on-site focus group process.

Data Analysis and Summary Report:

Once the focus group data is gathered our team will review and analyze the information from the survey and/or focus groups, as well as from information already gathered by your organization for themes about the organization's strengths and challenges as they relate to diversity. We will highlight these themes and make recommendations for the organization to consider as a strategic plan is developed or refined. All information gathered is analyzed and presented in a complete and clear report for easy reviewing.  The final report will include a thorough account of findings including data reports, summary of themes, and results from all data collected along with recommendations.

A brief executive summary will be provided.

Any information obtained that suggests potential future legal action against your organization will be immediately passed along to the organization’s lead contact person as opposed to only putting it in the report and therefore making your company have to wait to receive the information. 

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System Biases Detection:

We identify the critical places where unintended bias and prejudice can enter an organizational system or process.

Human Resources Audit:

We complete a comprehensive review of the organization’s recruiting, interviewing, performance appraisal or other systems and procedures to determine the best way to manage diversity.

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