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Diversity Enterprises

Influencing Attitudes and Behaviors While Protecting The Bottom Line


Role-Play Sessions:

This service is an additional mentoring service that works well with the diversity mentoring session described above.  It is a theater-learning forum that depicts on-the-job reality, explores feelings, and teaches skills needed to improve respect and comfort in the workplace. 

First, our group of mentors act out certain common workplace situations and problems that have to do with diversity issues such as discrimination and prejudice.  Then the mentors involve the employees by asking about what they would feel or do in these situations.  The mentors then have the employees act out certain roles in certain situations and have them be in roles that are different than their actual daily roles.  All of these activities help to open the employees’ eyes to the feelings and hardships of other types of people in their workplace. These sessions always include a debriefing session where the employees can talk about their experiences and feelings during the role-plays.

As an additional service, the role-play scripts can be customized to reflect specific issues, demographics, and biases of the specific company and it’s employees (Additional costs may apply). 

Sensitivity Training:

This service is designed to help employees in a diverse work environment understand and appreciate the life experiences of people from other cultures, ages, genders, sexual orientations, appearances, ages, etc. The employees will do a series of exercises in a safe environment where they will get increased knowledge of what it's like to "walk in someone else's shoes." They will leave with a skill set for building understanding, trust, relationships, and communication across differences as well as with an increased respect for those who are diverse and an iincreased understanding of the value that they bring to the workplace.

Diversity Awareness Training:

This service is an educating service where our diversity mentors or trainers use the data from the audits, surveys, and the focus groups to focus on educating the employees about the most significant diversity issues in their workplace.  Part of this educating is bringing the “buzz-words” used in the workplace out into the open and educating the employees on the effect that these words have on other employees and their work environment. 

Diversity Mentoring Sessions:

This service is the educational training session for your employees.  It is a variation of the traditional mentoring process that focuses on dimensions of diversity and communication across differences.  This program utilizes the traditional mentoring model and focuses participant discussions on dimensions of diversity and the skills necessary to establish a dialogue about racial differences.

Ideally, participants will differ in terms of race, gender, and/or age. Each participant will engage in structured dialogue sessions about the impact of differences on their career choices, experiences, and opportunities. As a result, both participants share personal insights and gain new perspectives. The result can be a profound shift in understanding for both about the influence diversity can have on workplace interactions, career goals, professional achievement, and real or perceived challenges or opportunities for advancement.

Diversity Team Building:

With this service, we assist the company with the formation, effectiveness and capacity of diverse employee teams.  We also mentor the teams on effective dialogue and skill building so that the teams are ready to peacefully and sensitively engage in the exchange of differences and therefore manage conflict.

This service presents the employees with skills to increase the cohesiveness, effectiveness, and productivity of work groups to become high performance teams that are committed to common objectives, while encouraging individuals to use their unique talents to enrich their team's capabilities.

Conflict Management Mentoring:

In this program, employees will learn that dealing with conflicts involves three sides of the triangle: dealing with your emotions, handling the other person's emotions, and resolving the situation that caused the conflict to start with. The mentors teach the employees how to handle emotions and deal with the situation to reach an equitable resolution. The goal of this session is to teach them that they can get the right result and preserve the relationship.

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The employees are taught how to get their emotions under control so they can deal with conflicts directly and professionally as well as help the other person get into a place where you can both listen and negotiate.  They are also encouraged to plan for the conflict discussion with their goal in mind and have a respectful conflict discussion and resolution.  The employees will also be trained in active listening skills, which are invaluable when it comes to effectively and respectively managing conflicts. 

Orientation/ Kick-Off Sessions:

This service is used to “jump-start” the mentoring process for the employees. It is highly interactive and informative and is done in the form of workshops that set the stage for diversity success.  Participants leave excited, energized and clear about their roles and the company's expectations.

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