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Diversity Enterprises

Influencing Attitudes and Behaviors While Protecting The Bottom Line

Online Courses

We offer online educational training for corporations and educational institutions. We can customize learning modules to fit your current (LMS) Learning Management System. We make certain that our on-line training programs are branded to meet your company’s compliance training desires. We track all employees’ results from the training sessions and evaluate individual and departmental outcomes. We then consult with your management team to address the outcome of the training sessions.

The Benefits of e-Learning:

  • It's convenient - training can be done when it is most convenient for the user, rather than on a predetermined basis when "live" classroom training is available
  • It's available 24/7 - training can be done at any time of the day or night
  • It's affordable - cost is much lower than traditional training and travel costs are eliminated (IRS estimates that 70% of its training budget is spent on travel, room rentals and lost productivity)
  • There's no or minimal loss of productivity - unlike traditional training where users generally take off 1/2 or a full day of work, e-learning can be done in shorter chunks during downtime and minimizes loss of productivity
  • It's a one-year license - students have an entire year to complete training and can go back to the material as a refresher as needed
  • Learning is sustained - companies can keep their diversity initiative fresh and interesting for users by assigning e-learning modules over a period of time (for example, one of our clients assigns one course per quarter)
  • It's measurable - pre and post tests that are imbedded provide true measures of retention unlike traditional training where a person sitting in a classroom does not necessarily translate into learning
  • Its anonymity ensures higher levels of comfort in dealing with tough issues - users tell us that they felt more comfortable being vulnerable and exposed when dealing with their own stereotypes when they were interacting with the computer rather than in a room full of people that they don't know
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High return on investment can deliver the following results:

  • Reduced barriers and improved productivity
  • Employee retention
  • Improved diversity of workforce
  • Improved diversity awareness and knowledge
  • Minimized training costs
  • Maximized training reach
  • Maximized training effectiveness
  • Increase the bottom line
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